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  • Coffret cadeau à emporter : le coffret cadeau on-the-go contient tous les accessoires indispensables en déplacement : matelas à langer + sac, distributeur de lingettes et distributeur de sacs.

  • Matelas à langer et sac : le sac de transport peut contenir quelques couches, un distributeur de lingettes de voyage, ainsi qu'un téléphone, des clés, ou tout ce qui est nécessaire pour les parents occupés.

  • Distributeur de sacs : le distributeur de sacs se rétracte pour permettre aux sacs d'être rapidement réinsérés et facilement déchirés.

  • Distributeur de lingettes : le distributeur de lingettes portable Ubbi est une excellente solution pour changer rapidement et facilement les couches en déplacement, gardant les lingettes humides et fraîches.

  • Bonus : chaque pièce de la collection est livrée avec une sangle en silicone bonus pour accrocher facilement un sac à langer ou une poussette.

  • The Ubbi On-the-Go Gift Set contains all the on-the-go necessities needed for a busy parent out and about! It includes a changing mat and bag, wipes dispenser and bag dispenser. The soft, yoga like mat and bag can hold a few diapers, travel size wipes dispenser as well as your phone, or keys! Also included is a bag dispenser that turns to retract, allowing bags to be quickly reinserted and easily torn for use - and they're lavender scented to keep stinky diapering odors at bay. Last but not least, the wipes dispenser makes for quick and easy on-the-go changes while keeping wipes moist and fresh. Each item in the gift set comes with a bonus silicone strap for easy hanging off of a diaper bag or stroller and the gift set is ready to be gifted, so no wrapping needed! About us: Ubbi is a globally recognized brand, designing innovative and creative products with parents and children in mind. Under the Ubbi name, you will find unique, quality products that are easy to use, and simplify parents' lives while keeping babies happy and safe as can be. Our steel, odor locking diaper pail was a first on the market in 2011, and has become our flagship item. With the same customer focused philosophy and innovative design capabilities, we have expanded into a variety of product categories: feeding, modern and trendy on-the-go items, bath toys and functional accessories. From concept to final creation, the Ubbi team works together every step of the way to bring the best in design and value.

    Coffret cadeau à emporter - B08KGPK7Z1U